The Mystery of Grace - Life Class Option



January 10, 2021

9:45 AM

3900 Airport Road Waterford , MI 48329

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The world constantly tells us that we are not enough. Work harder, earn more, climb higher, be better—the mandates are endless. While progress and excellence are certainly admirable traits, did God ever intend for us to be the best at everything at a high cost? What if God never meant for our lives to be an endless race? What if that gnawing, insatiable quest inside you can be replaced with something so simple that it changes your life inside out?

What if our primary calling was not to be successful but to be faithful?

In this five-part series, prominent journalist and pastor Anand Mahadevan revisits one of Jesus’s most popular parables—The Parable of the Talents—revealing how this parable is really an expression of God’s inexplicable grace. Find out how you can reach a place of high productivity and deep contentment as you live out God’s perfect plan for your life. 

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