August 2019

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 11: Retreat and Advance

Our final week in the UpNorth with Jesus series finds Jesus with His disciples in a retreat center where Jesus makes a bold promise about the foundations of the church.

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 10: Crossing the Border

The fact that Jesus isn’t responding doesn’t mean He’s not listening.

July 2019

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 8: Finding a Little Peace

After calming an outer storm on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus calms a man’s inner storm by casting out his demons.

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 7: How’s Your Heart?

Jesus taught in a parable about the hearts of listeners: hard, shallow, strangled, and open. So we ask: How’s your heart?

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 6: Kingdom Living

What would it look like for us to live as Kingdom-minded people? If we actively seek to live a Kingdom life with changed heart, our whole communities would be changed and others would start to pay attention.

June 2019

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 5: Nain’s Street

In healing the widow’s son at Nain, Jesus demonstrates our responsibility to reach out to others in compassion.

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 3: The Wedding in Cana

One of the first miracles of Jesus’ ministry demonstrates He has come to be the source of everything we need.

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 2: Follow Me

Jesus called twelve to follow Him, a ragtag mix of average workers in society. It starts with a simple command, “Follow Me” and what happens next is world changing.

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 1: Why Galilee

For both Jesus and many Michiganders, going ‘up north’ is a way of life. This summer will explore some of the greatest stories from Jesus’ ministry, which just happen to take place up north in Galilee.