November 2019

Together, Part 10: Rise Together

In the wrap-up of our fall vision series, we explore the many pieces that make up a healthy church, and how to be effective for the next generations.

Together, Part 9: Win Together (150th Anniversary)

On this special day, we celebrate our 150th Anniversary. We are so touched by all the tributes from so many who have been impacted by the ministry of Waterford Community Church through the years. Our Pastor, Brent Wood, gives a special message looking forward to the next 150 years, while honoring what has come before […]

October 2019

Together, Part 6: Give Together

The picture of the church we’ve built through our Together series is one where believers respond in joy to building community with each other. But a surprising thing happens when we respond to each other in joy: we give to each other not out of compulsion but out of love.

Together, Part 5: Pray Together

What happened to the church that it lost its expectation for God to work through His people? If we believe God answers prayers, we must “lay the track down” for God to come and work, and that happens when a church prays together.

September 2019

Together, Part 3: Grow Together

We are dependent on God to come work in us to grow us into a group of mature believers.

Together, Part 2: Serve Together

To be truly great in God’s kingdom, we must give up our rights and serve others on behalf of God. In order to be called a leader, we need to be a servant.

Together, Part 1: Come Together

Our potential to reach others for Christ doesn’t rest on our abilities as individuals, but in our ability to come together well.