Recent Sermons.

December 2017

Keep On Rolling!

Why is it so hard to keep motivated? A church is built on a community which means there are ways to hold each other accountable. Pastor Brent revisits our vision series from the fall to offer encouragement for the next big wave.

When Life is Boring and Routine

There might not be any way around our boredom and routine we can get stuck in, but reporting for duty is exactly what God commands us to. We finish this Christmas thinking, not about excitement and anticipation, but the routine we all feel when God isn’t working.

When God Asks You To Do Something Hard

Joseph had some huge doubts about how his life was changing…until he is encouraged to make his difficult situation work, not for himself, but for God’s glory. This morning we look at how doing the right thing often means doing the hard thing, but brings its own rewards.

When You Feel Anxious and Apprehensive

The truth is, not many of us want to be Mary. There are many reasons we feel anxiety in our lives today, especially around Christmas, but Mary had plenty of reasons, too. From Luke 1:26-38 we learn how to step into the tension of apprehension.

When Things Don’t Go As Expected

Things don’t always go as we plan them, but this is exactly what happened in the Christmas Story. We may not have asked for it, but God chose it when it was good for His will and plan. In Galatians 4:4-5 we learn how unexpected circumstances can lead to unexpected opportunities.

November 2017

A Song of Worship (Service Call)

Worship is important for a church because everybody worships something. Understanding Biblical worship and proper congregational relationships are essential for church health. Worship Leader Chris Ruhlen breaks down Psalm 100:1-3 to challenge our worship perspectives.

A Song of Thanksgiving

As the nation prepares for Thanksgiving, the Body of Christ should always be in thanksgiving. A brief look at Psalm 100 helps us align our holiday perspectives in a Biblical way.


Emojis have become a cultural and trendy way to express ourselves. Emotional health is an often overlooked, but it’s a foundational expression of our relationship with Jesus. This week we discover emotions are a gift from God to help us live out our purpose.

Siri Says

Does life ever feel overwhelming? Most of our day is spent consuming information, but how good are the sources? In this look into John 17:6-20, we find how Jesus talked about truth, and what it means for us.

October 2017

(un)loading Comments

Have you noticed how downright mean we’re becoming to the people around us? Polls tell us 75% of Americans believe civility is in decline. The Bible speaks of a solution in Ephesians 4:29-32. We can learn to take responsibility for the things we say and do to each other without hiding behind an anonymous message board.

Phubbing, Nomophobia, and Other Disorders

We are constantly giving ourselves over to lesser things, not necessarily unimportant things, but we are distracted by things that are not God. Our priorities can become a little out of balance. Today we hear some practical ideas to keep focused on the things that really matter.

Friends and Followers

Why do we have many contacts but so few friends? In our relationships, we need to do less following and more connecting. This week in Phonies we discover in Romans 12:9-21 five ways to create more meaningful friendships.

I’m Not Who I Post I Am

Our modern world is handheld and digital. We are spending more time posting about our lives and sharing our thoughts than ever before. But is who we are posting publicly the same person we are “irl”? We hear the truth from the Bible about authenticity and sincerity.

Shakin’ Things Up

As we wrap our vision series, we ask the question, “Have you ever experienced the supernatural?” In Acts 4:23-31, a group of believers prayed for courage and boldness to get through the trials they were facing, and the Holy Spirit responded in a big way.

September 2017

Word On The Street

As Philip went into Samaria to reach the new people for the church, word began to spread, and the church began to grow. Who has God placed in your life to pray for?