Recent Sermons.

April 2018

The Final Chapter

As Christ-followers we look forward to the future, especially to the second coming of Christ. This week’s passages focus on what our future will be like.

Outposts of Light

Jesus established His kingdom with His arrival on earth; a kingdom of light. While it has not been fully implemented, we have been told what it means to live as subjects of His kingdom.

The Duel With Death

The Messiah came to defeat death and to set free the prisoners of darkness. While darkness thought it had won, death could not hold Jesus in the tomb. And that matters greatly to us. 

March 2018

The Champion of Light

When the Messiah came, He came in a way that was unexpected—but in doing so, told us what His kingdom is really all about.

The Coup and The Promise

The promised Messiah is spoken about throughout the entire Bible. Each week in our new series, we will explore a new section that reveals the Messiah. This week, when man handed over control of the earth to darkness, God promised to restore light and defeat evil.

Who You Gonna Tell?

Rather than be sidetracked by excuses, the Bible gives us reasons to stay focused on our mission of sharing the gospel.

Intentionally Impacting the Whos

It takes a plan to fulfill goals and ideas and Paul knew that in taking intentional steps to reach people around him, his impact would be greater. One of the hardest things to do in our lives is finding intentional areas to engage with Whos. Pastor Mark Manzer shares several practical steps we all can take to be intentional.

February 2018

Hearing the Whos

Paul had a heart for the lost because he was aware of them. To start making connections in your Ville, you first have to be aware of names and needs. We work through some practical steps to find a way to reach the Whos.

You Are The Who

Paul was the greatest evangelist of his day. How did he do it? He never got over his salvation and was constantly reminded of where he had come from.  In our new series, we work together to be intentional with the Whos in our Ville.

When You Blame Everyone Else

Our series on leadership and King Saul wraps up with a lesson in humility and taking personal responsibility.

When You Think You Know Better Than God

Sometimes when we cook, we feel like adding things to the recipe. Except this doesn’t work when we are following God’s plan. There is no substitute for obedience and Saul thinks he can change his situation by using methods outside of God. Things go about as well as you’d expect.

January 2018

When You Misuse Your Influence

Who are you influencing? We all are impacting the world around us, and even if it’s just one or two people at a time, influence moves from person to person. In this podcast, we examine the number of ways leaders relinquish their influence over other people, and we learn how to use our influence for good and for God.

When You Don’t Know What To Do

Saul is in crisis mode, but instead of responding like the leader he’s been chosen to be, he allows his fear to paralyze him. When we are paralyzed by fear, we forfeit hope, and the grip we have on hope is proportional to the grip we have on faith. Saul has no faith in God and is stuck underneath a pomegranate tree.

When You Use God As A Good Luck Charm

Looking for things to go your way this week? We sometimes turn to little rituals like a lucky penny, or rabbit’s foot, or a special pair of socks. This week in the life of Saul, Saul comes to a place where he doesn’t trust God’s timing and turns to things that can’t help him.

When Things Go Wrong, Terribly Wrong

Things are going pretty well for Saul: he has a great life, lots of success, and is chosen by God to be King. But that’s when things start to go wrong for him. As we dive headfirst into the story of King Saul, we come to the conclusion that it just maybe might not be about us after all.