Recent Sermons.

August 2018

Living Humbly

In your relationships, are you focused on self or on others?

Living Wisely

The Artful Life is about how we deal with one another, our character according to the standards Jesus set for His followers. Wisdom, then, is knowing that what you do is just as important as what you say.

July 2018

Living Carefully

The truth to understand this week is the tongue has the power to direct and destroy, but also to lift and praise. 

Living Respectfully

James cautions us on giving preferential treatment to things we perceive to be below us and showing a preference for particular people. 

Living Responsively

A true faith that doesn’t respond is no faith at all, but we must respond thoughtfully, compassionately, and obediently if we are living artfully.

Living Hopefully

Why do some people seem to do better with life than others? It’s not because of their circumstances; it’s because of their faith. True faith allows them to approach life differently–and with hope.

June 2018

Transcendental Transformation

The end of our series on Peter brings a reflection on change.

People and the Process

While God loves us the way we are, He’s not content to leave us in that condition. Not only does God know your potential. He is actively engaged in helping you reach it. Transformation is a continuous yet messy process.

Following Up Close

To trust Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins is to also commit to following Him in your life.

Inside Help

We want to experience change in our lives. We try and fail—so we try harder. And when that doesn’t work we look for outside help, but the key to change is inside help.

May 2018

Perspectives on Adversity

As Peter grew older, he realized adversity was good because it helped to maintain his priorities. God uses adversity in several different ways in your story, but most of all to teach dependence on Him. 

Experiences & Encounters

A faith experience can happen when we’re asked to do something that moves us passed our place of comfort, but an invitation usually precedes an encounter. This week we examine the invitation Peter received from Jesus and how he was changed by it.

Failing Forward

Peter was a person well acquainted with failure—but Jesus never gave up on him, and seemed to somehow use his failures for good.

April 2018

Ground Zero

While many of us have tried to make changes, we have experienced many failures and frustrations along the way. As a result, we “accept” who we are and give up on who we can be. Peter had many moments like this, but as we will see in our new series, we are changed on the basis of who God is, not what we do.

Praying Boldly

We learn to pray boldly when we pray with confidence and according to God’s will. What we may not know is we pray boldly when we pray for God to free others from sin.