Recent Sermons.

March 2019

Are We There Yet, Part 2: I Am a Spouse

In the beginning God created the family, beginning with the first husband and wife–Adam and Eve. What can we learn about being better to each other from Scripture?

Are We There Yet, Part 1: I Am a Family Member

Throughout the Bible we see examples of family members who are making the lives of other family members better.

Soul Talk

We spend so much time listening to ourselves, but rarely do we ever talk to ourselves. The Bible records several places where a writer talks to his soul. 

February 2019

A Supporting Cast

God created us to be relational, and often the health of our soul is reflected by and/or influenced by the health of our relationships.

Experiencing Sufficiency

It’s not about self-confidence, but about God-confidence. How much do we trust Him? And how much do we believe what He says to us and about us?

Soul Sync

God made us all to be image-bearers and worshipers, but then he made us unique in those roles So each of us then brings something unique to the world, but also to God.

Seeking Solace

Any soul can be injured and feel the resulting pain. God knows that, and He offers both healing and comfort.

January 2019

Slowing, Silence, and Simplicity

A healthy soul is a soul that has learned to slow down the tempo, turn down the noise, and trim down the “important list”.

R and R

Man was created with physical limitations and must rest–yet we find that so hard to do sometimes.

Spiritual Hydration

The key to spiritual hydration is connecting with God. We often are good about reading our Bibles, but fail to experience relationship with God.

Me, Two

Jesus asked His disciples, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Taking care of yourself is not the same thing as taking care of your soul. Jesus knew what it took to not just protect the soul, but to care for it as well.

December 2018

How to Thrive and Not Just Survive

There are several choices we can make each day, but as we look into the new year, we need to choose to thrive and not just survive.

Maybe Christmas Means a Bit More

Christmas is a reminder that there is something more going on that what we sometimes recognize.

What Cindy Lou Heard

We are often quit to point out how often the rest of the world misses the point of Christmas, but how often to we miss the bigger picture? Christmas is the start of something big–the Kingdom of God on Earth!

A Heart Two Sizes Too Small

Are you practicing “smallishness” and don’t even know it? Copy the humility of Christ and make Christmas about someone else.