Recent Sermons.

July 2019

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 7: How’s Your Heart?

Jesus taught in a parable about the hearts of listeners: hard, shallow, strangled, and open. So we ask: How’s your heart?

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 6: Kingdom Living

What would it look like for us to live as Kingdom-minded people? If we actively seek to live a Kingdom life with changed heart, our whole communities would be changed and others would start to pay attention.

June 2019

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 5: Nain’s Street

In healing the widow’s son at Nain, Jesus demonstrates our responsibility to reach out to others in compassion.

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 3: The Wedding in Cana

One of the first miracles of Jesus’ ministry demonstrates He has come to be the source of everything we need.

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 2: Follow Me

Jesus called twelve to follow Him, a ragtag mix of average workers in society. It starts with a simple command, “Follow Me” and what happens next is world changing.

UpNorth with Jesus, Part 1: Why Galilee

For both Jesus and many Michiganders, going ‘up north’ is a way of life. This summer will explore some of the greatest stories from Jesus’ ministry, which just happen to take place up north in Galilee. 

May 2019

The Prayer, Part 6: Trials and Temptations

Trials and temptations are a part of life. They will happen. The important thing is how we respond and what choices we make.

The Prayer, Part 5: Forgive and Forgiven

If you want one word that will make your relationships better, it’s forgiveness. But if you want forgiveness, you’ll have to learn, experience, and demonstrate grace.

The Prayer, Part 4: Daily Bread

 God created the world in the context of days and so our lives are measured by them. We often look to our past (with either fondness or regret), or to the future (often with anxiety), but God wants us to live “in the day”.

April 2019

The Prayer, Part 3: Your Will Be Done

The Bible says quite a bit about the will of God, but what exactly does that mean? And what are we asking for when we pray, “Your will be done”?

The Prayer, Part 2: Let Your Kingdom Come

The Kingdom is one of the most used phrases in the New Testament, but its potential power isn’t fully realized until the Resurrection. The Kingdom is inevitable but is also an invitation to live with Jesus as King.

The Prayer, Part 1: Start Here

How we start is important, and in looking at the most famous prayer in Scripture, we need to know why prayer matters, and how to stay focused on the object of prayer–God.

Are We There Yet, Part 5: I Am a Sibling

Sibling rivalries come in all sizes, but there was one between Jacob and Esau that lasted for decades. But when the brothers met face-to-face after so many years, what happened next is our hope for the future.

March 2019

Are We There Yet, Part 4: I Am a Child

Relationships are about giving appropriate honor to people.

Are We There Yet, Part 3: I Am a Parent

Once a parent, always a parent. Our roles as parents change as our kids grow older, but we still have tremendous possibilities for influencing our kids (and grandkids!), especially in faith.