Leadership Development




Waterford Community Church is committed to developing the next generation of men and women who will lead ministries of the church.  Whether you aspire to become an elder, ministry leader, or simply want to grow more spiritually mature, this Leadeship Development program is for you. There are Three Phases to the program that involve studies in the areas of Biblical understanding, character development, shepherding skills, and leadership.  The time commitment involves meeting for study once or twice a month over a three to five year process.  

For those desiring to develop greater maturity,  this pathway can be done as a self study, though we would encourage you to find someone to mentor you in this process.  For women and men aspiring to ministry leadership we ask that you would go through this program with a mentor from the church; please contact the Senior Pastor or the Families & Discipleship Pastor for help in arranging this. 

For those men aspiring to be an elder we require that you would meet with a mentor elder.  Please contact the Senior Pastor to indicate your desire.   Click Here for the Elder Development Overview. 

Three phases 

The Leadership Training program is made of three phases of study and training.  The process is to go through Phase 1, 2, and 3 in order.  Within each phase you have the freedom to pick which studies to go through in the areas of Biblical understanding, character development, shepherding skills, or leadership.  Once you complete all studies within that phase  you can go onto the next consecutive phase study.  Click the link below to go the Three Phases studies.

 Click Here 

Training Content 

The Leadership Development Content includes these areas: 

1.    Biblical Understanding

  • WCC Doctrinal Statement 
  •  Systematic Theology 
  •  Biblical Worldview
  •  Bible Study Methods
  •  Bible Survey
  • Apologetics

2.    Personal Character

  • Leadership Qualifications
  •  Personal Life Disciplines
  •  Personal Decision Making
  •  Spiritual Transformation Principles
  • Discovering Spiritual Gifts

3.    Shepherding Skills

  • Relational Skills
  • Personal Communication Skills
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Spiritual Discernment
  • Motivating Others
  • Mentoring Others

4.    Leadership Skills

  • Servant Leadership
  •  WCC Constitution and Policies
  •  Planning & Decision Making
  •  Church Discipline            
  •  Team Leadership & Motivation
  •  Group Dynamics
  •  Teaching Principles
  • Conflict Resolution