Waterford Community Church Student Mentoring Initiative

Beginning in Winter 2020, Waterford Community Church will begin a mentoring initiative reaching students in need of healthy, positive, Christ-centered relationships to help in life.

Mentoring focuses not on the knowledge of the mentor, but on experience to help mentees engage more fully in the world around them. Teenagers are often in a state of confusion as they transition from childhood into adulthood. Parents, often through no fault of their own, cannot always reach the emotional and intellectual needs of their child in the way other voices might. The church must respond to these needs as we seek to support families in their commitment to Christ, the church, and each other.

Mentoring is a process which supports learning and development through life’s transitions. Mentors assist mentees in making these transitions through reflecting questions, shared experiences, and encouraging dialogue. The goal of mentoring is to engage a mentee in self-determined learning and self-reliance, but in the context of Christianity, mentoring seeks to help create a pattern of spiritual discipline in the life of the believer. This contrasts with a coach or counselor who will usually determine the direction of the student without input.

Successful mentoring looks like:

  • Developing a pattern of spiritual discipline in the life of a student
  • Supporting students in discovering and defining their own development needs and setting their own objectives
  • Allowing students to raise and talk about their issues
  • Helping students to reflect on their beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors
  • Guiding and encouraging students in Christ-centered solutions
  • Enabling students to become effective decision-makers

The use the metaphor of a map because a map helps show the big picture while also keeping the destination in view. Maps can also give a good picture of where students are now, and the route they took to get there. Maps are also helpful in determining the most efficient roads to take as well as roads that take students away from the destination. A mentor is the navigator, not the driver, and helps a student determine the correct path on their own.

To register as a mentor, or to register a student to be mentored, please fill out this form.