Kickball for a Cause.

What’s the cause?
Salama School is a boarding school serving underprivileged blind and sight-impaired students in the Mukono, Uganda.
The school subsists on private donations, and the minimal funds provided through tuition.
The compound on which the school sits needs to be fenced for security reasons—to protect from outsiders, but also to prevent students from wandering off accidentally.
So as a community we want to help them get started on this vital project!
How can you help?
  • Put together a kickball team and participate in the tournament on Saturday, October 19, on the Waterford Community Church’s
    athletic fields.
  • Teams can consist of 10-20 members – and can be mixed in any way, both by age and gender. Cost of entry is $50.
    (If cost is a problem we will help you find a sponsor.) Anyone can form a team—classes, businesses, families, neighbors—it’s all for fun!
  • To register, call 248-623-1340 or fill out this online form.
  • You can be an event sponsor by donating at least $50 to the cause. Businesses and individuals are invited to contribute—and all proceeds will go to the Salama School. Donations are accepted online through Waterford Community Church’s donation page. Click here and then select “Kickball for a Cause” from the list of donation areas.

What are the details?

  • Games will start at 10a the day of the event. 
  • Your team captain will be contacted with your first game time. 
  • All teams will be guaranteed at least three games. 
  • The day will conclude with a blindfold kickball game at 2pm featuring the teachers of Grayson Elementary School.
Game Day!
  1. Teams should include at least ten players (no more than twenty).
  2. Teams are encouraged to have some sort of team shirt or uniform—or even costumes (but not required).
  3. The event will use a round-robin format (our primary purpose is to have fun and help Salama School!) so games will play based on schedule, not results of earlier games.
  4. Games will follow a one-pitch rule. Each team will provide its own
    pitcher. Every player on the team “bats” (kicks) once each inning (no set number of “outs”), and must kick the first ball pitched to them.
  5. We will try to keep teams playing similar teams, so please give us a description of your team’s abilities/makeup and number of players.
  6. Games will be “on the clock” vs. a set number of innings so that we can stay on schedule.
  7. Children need to be accompanied by adults. Better yet, adults can play with their kids!
  8. All games will be played at Waterford Community Church, 3900 Airport Road, Waterford MI.

How to register:

Phone | 248-623-1340
When sending an email, please provide the following information:
  • Team Captain
  • Contact info of Captain: (Address / Cell phone / Email)
  • Team name
  • Approximate number of participants
  • Anticipated level of play
    • Novice—Lots of kids or over-the-hillers
    • Middle of the Road—Mixed ages & genders
    • Legendary—More athletic