We don’t think of our table often, but through the month of November, we are determined to think of it every day. See, the table is the center of our lives. It’s the place we experience gratitude and generosity, as well as the wonder of abundance and grace.
Through the month of November, we are challenging each other to 25 Days of Gratitude. We want to find an excuse every single day to praise God for what we have, what we’ve gained, what we are able to give, and what He has done for us. All blessings flow through Him, so instead of being grateful one day a year, let’s instead create a habit of gratefulness centered on the table.
If you want to join us on this journey, we encourage you to download the gratitude journal below and start on day one. Better yet, encourage friends and family to work through it with you to create a new culture among them, one of gratitude and generosity. Check back often to listen to the messages through the series to better understand the Biblical implications of gratitude. We are convinced gratitude will make you see God in new ways, and more importantly, strengthen your relationship with Him.