May 2018

Experiences & Encounters

A faith experience can happen when we’re asked to do something that moves us passed our place of comfort, but an invitation usually precedes an encounter. This week we examine the invitation Peter received from Jesus and how he was changed by it.

Failing Forward

Peter was a person well acquainted with failure—but Jesus never gave up on him, and seemed to somehow use his failures for good.

April 2018

Ground Zero

While many of us have tried to make changes, we have experienced many failures and frustrations along the way. As a result, we “accept” who we are and give up on who we can be. Peter had many moments like this, but as we will see in our new series, we are changed on the basis of who God is, not what we do.

Praying Boldly

We learn to pray boldly when we pray with confidence and according to God’s will. What we may not know is we pray boldly when we pray for God to free others from sin.

The Final Chapter

As Christ-followers we look forward to the future, especially to the second coming of Christ. This week’s passages focus on what our future will be like.

Outposts of Light

Jesus established His kingdom with His arrival on earth; a kingdom of light. While it has not been fully implemented, we have been told what it means to live as subjects of His kingdom.

The Duel With Death

The Messiah came to defeat death and to set free the prisoners of darkness. While darkness thought it had won, death could not hold Jesus in the tomb. And that matters greatly to us. 

March 2018

The Champion of Light

When the Messiah came, He came in a way that was unexpected—but in doing so, told us what His kingdom is really all about.

The Coup and The Promise

The promised Messiah is spoken about throughout the entire Bible. Each week in our new series, we will explore a new section that reveals the Messiah. This week, when man handed over control of the earth to darkness, God promised to restore light and defeat evil.

Who You Gonna Tell?

Rather than be sidetracked by excuses, the Bible gives us reasons to stay focused on our mission of sharing the gospel.