September 2018

Living Prayerfully

The prayer of a righteous person can accomplish much, as James writes. But for us to live the artful life, we must pray with that expectation, instead of offering prayers of convenience. 

Living Patiently

For so many of us, waiting on God through struggles is a difficult task. James offers advice on how to live artfully through trials, while maintaining endurance.

August 2018

Living Generously

It’s easy to become consumed with having our needs (and wants) taken care of, but we are also responsible for the needs of others. Living the artful life is learning how to use our resources for the greater good. 

Living Presently

Are you living for tomorrow, or today? When we are living the artful life, we admit our own limitations and trust the character of God, creating an environment of kingdom living.

Living Humbly

In your relationships, are you focused on self or on others?

Living Wisely

The Artful Life is about how we deal with one another, our character according to the standards Jesus set for His followers. Wisdom, then, is knowing that what you do is just as important as what you say.

July 2018

Living Carefully

The truth to understand this week is the tongue has the power to direct and destroy, but also to lift and praise. 

Living Respectfully

James cautions us on giving preferential treatment to things we perceive to be below us and showing a preference for particular people. 

Living Responsively

A true faith that doesn’t respond is no faith at all, but we must respond thoughtfully, compassionately, and obediently if we are living artfully.

Living Hopefully

Why do some people seem to do better with life than others? It’s not because of their circumstances; it’s because of their faith. True faith allows them to approach life differently–and with hope.