21-Day Journey.

Can you imagine Jesus walking into your story?
Him just showing up at work one day right there in your office? Or arriving home later in the day to find Him in the rocker on your front porch? Or maybe sitting in the booth next to you at the restaurant?

Jesus came to earth for many reasons – but one of them was to show us how to live better. As the perfect example He extended an invitation to “follow” Him, and to “learn from” Him. His plan was not to offer a seminar, though he took many opportunities to teach. He didn’t pitch a book – though many have been written about Him. He didn’t set up a shop, though He did take on apprentices – a dozen young guys that He would live with, work with, travel with, and teach how to live a life that mattered. They were His disciples.

The plan was simple. They could just watch and learn. And ask questions at will. Then from time to time He give them some real life experiences to move through, because He knew that His way was the best way for someone to be transformed.

The invitation still exists for us today. Jesus invites us to follow Him. And that’s what this journey / journal is all about. For the next twenty-one days, we will be tracking along with some of the experiences the disciples had as they followed Jesus. Our prayer is that these experiences – and the lessons they teach – will resonate with you, and that you will be changed by Jesus as His original disciples were.